Just Keep Swimming

As a college student, I love winter break because it’s a great time to not wear real clothes, sleep in until 1pm, Neflix for 48 hours straight, and eat all of the bacon you desire (an activity I am currently doing while writing this. I have mild hopes that this will become a tradition while I blog.)

I have a weird feeling that my winter break will be nothing like that. Here’s why. I need to schedule a physical. I need to get the physical done. I need to upload about 4 medical forms, a dive safety form, and various other official papers in prep for my arrival in Bonaire. I need to purchase scuba equipment. I need to get dive insurance. I need to get my glasses fixed, order enough prescription meds to last me 15 weeks* and purchase textbooks. I need to call my bank, health insurance, and somehow figure out how tax forms are going to work when I’m 2,182 miles away from home.

With all of these things to accomplish in the 28 (AHHH WHAT? I LEAVE IN 28 DAYS?!?) days that I’m here in good ol’ Cleve, there’s this mildly humorous/serious possibility that I might not be **ready for take-off.

Luckily, I have Bob Marley’s “Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright” on repeat, and just like finals, I’ll somehow get all. of. this. stuff. done. And perhaps spend some time with my family and friends and relax a little in between.

Find a happy place, find a happy place -Finding Nemo

*bringing certain medications to foreign countries could land you in jail (some countries exercise the death penalty…I should probably look into that)

**I write this, Kugs’ is having trouble at the hair salon because the power just went off as her highlights were drying. Looks like she could be stuck in a hair salon for awhile….


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