The Final Stretch

This is normally the point during winter break where a college student starts to itch to get back to school, back to that normal routine that he or she has established in that home away from home. I’m starting to feel that way as well, but it hasn’t quite hit me that I don’t get a normal routine bace in Cleveland this semester. While all of my friends head back to Case, I’m heading to a completely different continent to a strange city to learn in a new environment for 4 months, about which I’m frankly still in blissful denial.

It helps that I’m a bit of a control freak and already anxious about leaving, which means that I’ve been doing everything I can think of to get ready. I’ve finished up most of my necessary shopping, I’ve gotten information on my orientation with housing on the way soon, I’ve confirmed flight itineraries, and I even struggled through packing everything I think I’ll need, just to make sure I can fit my life into 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on for 4 months (which, by the way, is not fun or easy). I also exchanged American money into Danish Kroner, the official currency in Denmark, which is much more colorful and exciting than boring old dollars.

kronerBut outside of the travel details that I need to figure out before my flight takes off, it’s really hard to judge what I should know before I get to Denmark. Outside of finding out my housing details, I’ve got most of the logistics hammered out. The past few days have been about everything outside of what’s absolutely necessary-I’ve looking into the different areas of Copenhagen, I’ve found the foods I need to try in Denmark (sausages and smørrebrøds included), and I’ve started to research where I want to visit in Europe when I have the chance to travel (one word-ITALY). It makes the entire situation more exciting and much more real, and even though I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around the fact that I’m leaving for Europe in 10 days, it makes it a bit more believable. Reading about travel tours to Paris and Vienna and Budapest that I’ll be on in a few short months has a way of putting everything in perspective-which is very apparent if anyone checks out my latest Pinterest sprees-and putting everything in high gear.

But the best thing is, I’ve done everything I can logistically do for now. Until the few days before I leave when I have to pack for real, I get to spend the next week looking up Italian train passes and cheap flights to Prague, Berlin, Amersterdam, etc., and, most importantly, getting up to Cleveland for a few days to see my Case people before I peace out for 4 months. Belle and I are within two weeks of leaving, and I couldn’t be more excited!

***Belle and I will be spending lots of time together on my Cleveland visit while all our friends are in class…which makes plenty of time for pre-departure freakouts (especially when Belle is currently watching Netflix and ignoring real productivity). But in case I don’t remind you hundreds of times before I see you Belle….10 DAYS!!


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