I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home






Hoffmanns Minde Kollegium

Hoffmanns Minde Kollegium

Studying abroad gets so much more real when you can give your parents an address to reach you at for the next 4 months. DIS does a very good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment-I only found out about my housing this past Wednesday. But it was well worth the wait, because now I can spend my last week state side learning more about the area I’m living in and the people I’m living with rather than having a mental breakdown over last minute details and possible flight cancellations and everything that could possibly go wrong.

So here’s everything I’ve discovered about my housing situation since Wednesday: I”ll be living in this college-appropriate kollegium, Hoffmanns Minde Kollegium in Brønshøj, Copenhagen. Brønshøj is about a 30 minute bus ride to the city center and my kollegium seems to have all the necessities in the area: grocery stores, a bus stop right out front, some gyms and recreational areas, and even has some lakes and ponds. Hoffmanns Minde is right next to a ‘semi-man made’ lake (whatever that means) called Utterslev Mose that seems like it could be pretty to walk around and maybe work by once the weather gets better in the spring.

Utterslev Mose

Utterslev Mose

Hoffmanns Minde is an international kollegium in the city, so practically any students can live there-Danish, American, and anyone else. This semester, about 1/2 of the students are Americans enrolled at DIS and the remaining are Danish/International students. We have three SRAs (Social & Residential Advisors) that have already reached out to us and organized a Facebook group so that we can start to get to know each other. It reminds me of my past experiences with housing, so it makes me think that this semester will be fairly similar to past ones at Case-except much more independent, of course.

Brønshøj itself looks nice enough to me-it almost makes me laugh that one website describes it as a less glamorous, ghetto like community in Copenhagen, but that most of the Danish who might say that haven’t seen the ‘ghetto’ areas of big cities in the United States. After living in Dayton and Cleveland and now looking at pictures and reviews of Brønshøj, I can tell it’s not anything similar to downtown Dayton or Cleveland. It looks like a semi-suburban area, there are bike paths and running paths around the lakes that look like great scenery and escapes in the Spring, and the fact that it’s so close to downtown is really going to be convenient. As I look more and more at Copenhagen I see there are more areas and communities of the city to explore for myself, and Brønshøj’s location will hopefully make those weekend trips easier.

That countdown on my phone that Belle loves so much is getting dangerously low. Even though I have my friends at Case to distract me right now-and Belle once she gets her car fixed and can come shenanigan with me-the anxiety is starting to kick in. With all of the major details worked out now, all I have left to do is think and worry and wonder and just get excited to leave-4 days to go!


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