All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

If you can name the song referenced in the title, I’ll bring you a turtle.

Kugs, my apologies for falling behind in the posts. Hopefully that’s no indication of my blogging-resilience this semester, but I think I have a decent excuse!

In the past 48 hours I have seen exactly 5 different physicians, had 3 blood tests and 2 urinalyses done, and am currently on 6 different medications treating a brand spankin new infection as well as an unknown allergy that decided to manifest itself on my face. But hey, modern medicine and viola I’m feeling better already. (P.S. Kugs watched me freak out and managed to make me laugh immediately after. true friendship)

Now that I’m over that hump, it’s time to get to the real issues at hand. Packing. HAHA. Today was spent snapchatting and complaining to my dog about how much I didn’t** want to pack. My room looked like my closet and bathroom vomited all over the floor repeatedly and seriously, how did my socks manage to end up in the same pile as my soap bars and razors?! (the thought of having to shave regularly in Bonaire is also a little overwhelming. I’m used to Cleveland. Cleveland = tundra = no shave november thru march.)

Next real issue: Does Facebook count as an issue? If no, please skip to the next paragraph. If yes, then you’ve probably felt that self-consciousness that occurs when you add a new someone and then obsessively stalk yourself to make sure you look like a “normal” human being. I felt that feeling and fell victim to the obsessive stalking 8 separate times today as the *[name redacted] accepted your friend request* notifications started trickling in. Oof. Why are my profile picture captions so strange? Why is there a picture of me tagged holding a broom? These are the questions that cross my mind and wither my hopes of making new friends.

Next real issue: FOOD. I had leftovers today and mom mentioned that “it’ll be the last time you have Adobo in awhile..” and immediately I put another piece of chicken onto my plate. As someone who has travelled a decent amount, I know how hard it is to find food that reminds you of home. Yes, you travel to new places to experience new things (including food!) but sometimes, all you want your mom’s home-made banana bread or your dad’s pancit (s/o to my Pinoy friends.) Sometimes, even decent hamburgers are hard to find. The last time I was in the Philippines, the hamburger meat tasted sweet. Sweet. Blech. No, I didn’t want an icecream sandwich, I asked for a hamburger thankyouverymuch. Basically, I’m going to spend tomorrow eating everything that I might not find in Bonaire/stuffing what little space is left in my luggage full of Cleveland delicacies.

Kugs, I hope this post has you satisfied until next week. See ya on the flip side of the world. Two more days!

*Past tense because I finished packing. Proof here.

Boom, baby.


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