Welcome to another one of those travel blogs with a new twist! After a year and a half of shivering and camping out in the library at Case Western Reserve University, we’re escaping Cleveland and taking a new approach to this whole “school” thing. We’re getting two very different study abroad experiences, so this blog is likely to be a lot of bickering between which is better-the sunny shores of Bonaire, or the freezing, historical streets of Copenhagen-and a way for us to keep in contact as well. So enjoy the shambles of reading about getting snowed in a European hostel side by side with the ins and outs of scuba diving in the Caribbean!

Background to the madness:

Emily is spending her 2014 Spring Semester studying at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her program and classes revolve around Medical Practice and Policy, and she’s looking forward to research opportunities in Copenhagen as well as seeing as much of Europe as possible during her time off from class!

Belle is escaping Cleveland to the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles of the Caribbean. Her program has a heavy focus on marine biology research in and around the reef, with a lot of volunteering and scuba diving! …Not to mention getting tan and rubbing in how warm it is to everyone at home-and soaking up the sun while letting the Caribbean teach her about ecology!


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